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For use with conventional female V Die for bending and forming.

Advantages of "Exact-A-Form" Pad

Eliminates scratching and marring of all prefinished materials including vinyl clad, painted, stainless and others.

Forms more accurate bends than with conventional air form V Dies. Possible to form sharper inside radius on bend line

Can be used in any press, punch press, or press brake either mechanical or hydraulic. Operated at slow, medium, or high speeds. No wear on punch or V Die being used. No special retainer required. "Exact-A-Form" pads are available in lengths up to 4 feet long.

Easy installation and set-up: Held in place with UT-200 double faced tape. Metal thickness variations and various gages of metal automatically compensated for to allow the forming of many metals in one set-up.

Why Choose The "Exact-A-Form" Pad

Extensive tests were made in the development of the TOOL-A-THANE "Exact-A-Form" Pad. Many various formulations of urethane were tested along with various shapes.

The special contour shape of the forming area in the pad was developed specifically to give long pad life, minimum strain in the die components as well as the TOOL-A-THANE urethane itself. These properties coupled with the natural qualities of grades UT-15, UT-25, or UT-35 TOOL-A-THANE now provide the excellent wear characteristics required for long pad life, reduced maintenance and downtime, along with economical costing factors.

If any technical assistance is required in the use of Urethane in the applications you may have, please consult the factory for assistance. Helping you solve your forming problems is our business. UTEC brings to your door many years of both practical and technical experience in the uses of urethane in the metal forming industry.

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