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TOOL-A-THANE URETHANE CONCEPT IN METAL FORMING: The concept of using various TOOL-A-THANE urethanes in metal forming is a relatively new one. TOOL-A-THANE urethane is not a material to be used in metal forming work to eliminate all of the problems; moreover, TOOL-A-THANE urethane should be used where its use will aid in some fashion to help produce a better quality part or a more economical die, which may result in the lower production cost. TOOL-A-THANE urethane can be used to great advantage in prototypes tools; as well as production tools, depending on the application.

The concept is simple: urethane is used as one half of a die, either the male or female section depending on the application. the TOOL-A-THANE urethane half normally doesn't need to be shaped to the exact shape of the opposite half of the die; as it is a flexible, non compressible, material and will take a given shape when moved, squeezed, or penetrated into.

WHY TOOL-A-THANE URETHANE: TOOL-A-THANE urethanes are special breeds of flexible plastics; each grade or formulation is a result of tests made with various type of forming dies to produce a urethane material that will stand up best under the unique stresses and strains that these type of dies will produce. Selecting the proper brand of TOOL-A-THANE urethane is as important as using the proper design for the die. It is therefore very important that the TOOL-A-THANE urethane decided upon for use in dies be material developed for the tooling and manufacturing industry; not for example, for the industrial tire industry.

WHY UTEC: UTEC brings to your door the complete range of TOOL-A-THANE urethane products, related products, and services necessary for you to properly use the TOOL-A-THANE urethane concept. If all you desire is the material, we can fill you needs quite nicely, as we carry the largest selection presently available. If your needs are for design assistance, where you wish to build the urethane die for yourself, we can and will help to insure that your die has the very best chance of functioning properly. Finally, if your need is for the whole package to be handled, including the die tryout and submitting of samples to you, we bring many years of fine service in this area. UTEC is in a position to handle the design, development, fabrication, and tryout of any die that it recommends. both small tooling problems and large tooling programs are handled with service and dependability the prime consideration.

Forming Pads               Bumpers                 Couplings  

Wiping Pads                Gaskets                 Seals      

Bulging Pads               Diaphragms              Drive Rolls

Springs & Strippers        Tires                   Hammers    

Pressure Pads              Pulleys                 Bulgers    

Forming Mandrels           Gears                   Wheels     

Clamping Fixtures          Pedals                  Casters    

Liner Pads                 Heels                   Belts      

Forming Rolls              Mallets                 Mounts     

Valve Seats                Liners                  Rotors     


Advantages of Using TOOL-A-THANE Urethanes:
  1. TOOL-A-THANE will not scratch or mar the surface of the material being formed
  2. In many cases tooling costs can be reduced, especially for short run jobs and prototype work
  3. In standard TOOL-A-THANE press brake dies several punches can be used, thereby reducing the die change time as well as the tooling cost for each job.
  4. It has been noted that metal fatigue has been reduced or minimized.
  5. Blanks are kept from slipping during the forming operation.
  6. Use of TOOL-A-THANE urethane dies allow material to vary in its thickness without damage to the dies or the press being used.
  7. Developments for spring back can be done in 2" long section.
  8. Punches need not be hardened.