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TOOL-A-THANE Urethane Press Brake Die Retainers

Purpose of Press Brake Die Retainers

The Die Retainer encloses the die pad to hold the high forces of the forming punch during the forming stroke.
The Die Retainers are made of Tool-A-Thane Urethane with removable end caps.

Die Retainer Holder Selection

   SIZE        HEIGHT  WIDTH                 
   B x A         C       D      CATALOG NO.  

 1/2" X 1/2"   3"      1-1/2"   UT-0500-0500E*
 1" X 1/2"     1-3/8"  2-3/4"   UT-01-0500*   
 1-1/2" X 3/4" 1-7/8"  3"       UT-1500-0750E*
 2" X 3/4"     2-1/4"  3-3/4"   UT-02-0750*   
 3" X 1"       2-1/2"  4-3/4"   UT-03-1000*   
 6" X 1"       4-7/8"  10"      UT-06-1000*   
12" X 2"       5-7/8"  16"      UT-12-2000    
Available in 1 foot increments with no maximum length
*These items on sale; click here or see URETHANE SALE ITEMS on main page
Advantages of Die Retainers

Permits Accurate Bending
No marring or scratching of polished or prefinished surfaces
Allows forming of various shapes and gauges of material with one female bottom die
Buy one foot now and add additional lengths at a later date
Ease of installation and removal from press brake

For prices Click here: TOOL-A-THANE Urethane Press Brake Die Retainer